As a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Crawford County, I saw firsthand the effects of the law upon families, while prosecuting domestic violence, DWI, harassment and sexual offenses. Working in Juvenile Court with Family in Need of Services petitions and Juvenile Delinquents brought into even sharper focus how the actions of a family member that requires legal action affect other family members.

Moving into private practice I chose to work in family law because of my experience and my belief that helping families is the most important area of law.

Many small businesses are family businesses and protecting the family relationship and the business are areas often ignored. I think this is because of the mistaken belief that dealing realistically with those issues at the beginning or as needed, will harm the family. Setting up a family business with the proper legal procedures can protect both the family and the business, keeping it intact for future generations.

Most small businesses do not have a big budget for legal services. My firm’s reasonable fees allow you to have affordable representation for your small business with contract issues, disputes, leasing agreements etc.

Call for an appointment to find out we can work together to help your family or your family business or small business.